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I Don’t Like Chocolate

In Commentary, Light Menu on April 5, 2009 at 12:50 pm

I often wonder what chocolate tastes like to other people, because so many are so over the moon about it. My boss has a bowl of chocolate on his desk for public consumption, and people are constantly stopping by. Even if we’re in the office having a meeting, they’ll open the door and duck and grab, with a “Sorry, just needed chocolate.” It’s worse in the afternoon, and particularly on Wednesdays. It usually derails my train of thought, because I have to wonder why these people who would otherwise never be rude, in this case intrude just because they need chocolate. I look at the bowl and feel nothing.


It’s a burden sometimes, to be an anomaly. What, not like chocolate? If I had a dime for every time someone asked me why not, I could quit my job and never look at that chocolate bowl again. I have grown to hate birthday celebrations, because 4 times out of 5 there is chocolate cake. For most chocolate, I am indifferent, can enjoy it on occasion but could live in a world without it. However, thanks to one summer working the night shift at LaBree’s bakery, I have an intense and active dislike of chocolate cake. Even so, I usually feel pressured to choke down a piece anyway, to stem the inevitable commentary. 


It’s the same with coffee and alcohol; I don’t particularly like either of them or the way they make me feel, though I can pretend when the occasion warrants.  Also true for most sodas, with the exception of Canadian golden ginger ale and a craving for root beer now and again. People say, oh, you’re so good not to have a vice. Or ooooh, she must be religious. A study in Switzerland suggested that it’s a bacterial problem. I think it’s nothing as complicated as all that; some people just don’t like chocolate. The end.

  1. Some people may have polymorphisms that make them not like chocolate. Or maybe, it’s a mix of genetic and environmental factors that impact the taste for the chocolate. I can’t get enough of it though!

  2. A friend of my sons doesn’t like chocolate. I think it’s like you said–it’s just one of those things.

    This is so remotely not the same because I don’t have people shoving her books in my face at parties or people excusing themselves from a meeting to read more, but I have a real wish that I could like Nora Roberts so I could join in many of the fun conversations that crop up about her. I stand around nodding, smiling and have nothing to add.

    Yeah, not the same at all, but just a smidgen of what you must deal with to help me empathize.


  3. Aksana,
    I knew I had genetic issues! Thanks for confirming. =)

  4. Jenny,
    I hear you. When I was in school, Sweet Valley High books were all the rage, and I read them every month same as my friends, until my mom asked me simply, “Do you enjoy reading those?” Never occurred to me to think about it, and it turns out, I didn’t. So I stopped.
    But you’re right, it did leave me out of some conversations. Now it’s Jon and Kate plus 8. =)

  5. omgg. I think we’re related, lol. I hate chocolate, coffee, and soda. I’ve never tried alcohol. Sometimes I get a craving for root beer though. It’s the only soda I can stand.

  6. Though I cannot concur with the dislike of coffee and alcohol, I was nodding my head through much of your post. I too have wondered what chocolate tastes like to other people. And should the world never have chocolate again, well… o.k.

  7. You know, I used to like chocolate, but now I don’t really like it at all.
    So I understand what your saying, other than the coffee and alcohol part.

  8. I love coffee! I love chocolate! They say that chocolate has the same effect on your brain as sex. Sex is good and so is chocolate. After I have a piece of chocolate I have an overwhelming feeling of peace and satisfaction as though there is a chemical battle going on in my head and the only way to stop it is by eating a piece of chocolate.

    Coffee is completely a different story, I just need to wake up in the morning.

  9. I totally understand your chocolate thing. When I tell people in my work I don’t want a chocolate because I don’t really like it, they think I am making it up, think I dont want to put on weight! But I just simply don’t enjoy it much. Crisps, now that’s a different matter. Why don’t people brink crisps in to work instead!!

  10. I could not agree more with your article , my Mother told me she gave me Heinz chocolate pudding when I was a baby and I spat it out and the same happen when she tried again a few weeks later assuming the first occasion was a one off, the only chocolate I do like is UK produced milk chocolate or white chocolate, what annoys me the most , is restaurants that don’t declare a dish has chocolate in it , orderded a bannofi pie the other day and it was made with chocolate toffee and was accompanied by praline ice cream Yuk Yuk , they just are in shock evertime you say you don’t like chocolate, I have never tried it but reckon its a bit like the reaction a a man would get if they said they don’t like sex!

    I have a web design business, do you reckon there would be an interest in a web site called idontlikechocolate ? alwways thought should set one up

    England, UK

  11. Alan, this is the all time #1 read post on my blog, so I think you’re onto something with the idontlikechocolate website — or maybe support group. =)

  12. I used to like chocolate, like so-called “normal” people, but after having surgery last year I noticed my cravings have changed dramatically. The first thing I wanted to eat when I got out of the hospital was not chocolate, not even anything sweet, but a big bag of salty potato chips.

    Before the surgery, my chip preference was always for sweet potato chips, like BBQ, ketchup or lime & pepper flavour, over plain salty chips. Now I’m quite indifferent to these flavours. I used to love them, but only a bag of plain salty chips satisfies me these days. I also can’t get enough movie popcorn, which I was previously indifferent to.

    After reading your blog entry, and the CBS article you posted, I wonder now if the antibiotics I had to take have had an effect on my cravings. Antibiotics don’t always distinguish between good and bad bacteria, I’ve heard. Perhaps my sweets-loving population has been wiped out.

    These days, I’ll still sort of look forward to eating something sweet, remembering how much I used to enjoy it. But after the first mouthful I’m left disappointed. It’s not as good as it used to be.

  13. I’ve noticed more and more jokes and casual references to women being addicted to chocolate these days, so finding your blog entry here was pretty refreshing. While I like chocolate once in a great while, it’s far from one of my top favorite foods. I had to roll my eyes once when I did grab a few offered in one of my college English classes and some guy remarked, “Women and their chocolate!” Little did he know that if I were presented with the choice of either chocolate or shrimp, I’d pick shrimp every time. I also don’t understand most people’s aversion to vegetables, either (every vegetable I’ve ever tried, I love, except onions – they’re pretty nasty, IMO), so I guess I’m just an oddity with food.

  14. Khendra, I also detest onions. Yet they, too, seem to be everywhere.

    I’m enjoying the visual of someone passing around shrimp in class. =)

  15. Hi,

    All this while I was wondering if somebody read my mind and penned it right here in this blog.

    I always wondered actually wonder what chocolate tastes like to other people???

    Just like you I too dont like chocolates, soda, alcohol, coffee . I guess I need too try the Canadian golden ginger ale though 🙂

    It was a pleasurable read . Something which I could strongly relate to.

    Take Care-

  16. I have always disliked chocolate as far back as I can remember. My father had to have it and was an chochoholic. People always looked and commented that I was weird. I just never enjoyed the taste or texture. I do love sweets and give me true sour sweet candy and I’m in heaven. I love sour salty spicy foods. But since my recent surgery all I want is chocolate. Idk why. What is in chocolate that my body might be needing in my recovery. I do not crave sour salty foods now. It’s the complete opposite of the other person with surgery. I hope my eating will go back to normal soon cuz I dislike the taste of chocolate but I have to have it. Now I feel weird.

  17. I’ve never been a big fan of chocolate. I too work in a bakery and the only thing I can stand is the plain glazed donuts. Everyone thinks I’m making it up. I’ve heard “How can you not like chocolate?” more times than I can stand. Oh well, better than being addicted to chocolate.

    And the only soda I really like is Root Beer, though I don’t mind others if they are flat. Just don’t like the fizz. Don’t like alcohol, coffee, crisps, or any kind of condiment. Yeah, I’m picky.

  18. Hi, greetins from Spain

    Don’t you think you are alone in the world. I don’t like chocolate either. I could have some from time to time but if my doctor tells me that I have to give it up i won’t cry 🙂

    It’s curious what you said about coffee and alcohol because I don’t like them either. I’m wondering if this is true for all people that doesn’t like chocolate.

    Btw, I also like root beer, but it’s difficult to find it here. I’ve discovered it when i’ve been to the States.


  19. Hi! I don’t like chocolate either. Include cheetos, peanut butter (except from the jar), caramel, coke and pepsi (lol), etc. Let me just get to conclusion, I don’t like most junk foods. I wonder what they taste like to people who do. Anyway, it’s really weird. A couple months ago I hated cake and frosting, but I do now. And just today I realized I hated cheetos. Isn’t that strange? I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who’s been asked a million times, “Why don’t you like chocolate?”

    !Hola! Tu de Espana? Yo hablo un poko espanol. Tu hablo un poko ingis yo advertido. Mi familia siempre piense soy raro. I hope you can read that fine, I am not that good at spanish 😦

  20. I found this site while trying to figure out how to curb my chocolate “addiction.” I’ve bought chocolate once that was a weird texture and I didn’t like it – I imagine some of what I perceive as the “taste” is actually the effect of the happy-neurotransmitters. Maybe I should go to a high school and offer chocolate to the stoner kids, and observe the results.

  21. This article could have been written by me. I don’t like chocolate, but I like root beer and ginger ale…not a fan of alcohol or coffee flavor. I can drink cappuccino, but that’s because there’s a ton of foam and sweetener. Thanks for writing this article!

  22. Someone mentioned peanut butter….. i hate peanut butter and the smell of peanut butter and jelly makes me want to puke. I also hate hot dogs and relish. Gross, gross, gross by my taste buds. Anyone else not like pbj and hot dogs?

  23. Don’t care for chocolate, popcorn, gum, coffee, or alcohol. I don’t know which people think is stranger- disliking chocolate, or gum. My daughter was telling her friend I didn’t like chocolate- I say ‘there are other people who don’t’, typed in ‘people who don’t like chocolate’ and wound up on this page! Good to know.

  24. I totally agree…chocolate does nothing for me either…

  25. I’ve never liked chocolate that much either (I can eat anything put in front of’s not repulsive, but I’m really indifferent. I like SO many things better). In my 40s I’ve become allergic to it! so weird, and I wonder if my dislike all this time was my body’s rejection of it in the first place. Too bad I’m also allergic to avocados and almonds, both of which I DO like.

    I also like coffee and soda, tho. and wine.

  26. It’s so interesting to read everyone’s comments! I’m continually amazed that every single day there is someone who does a search “Why don’t I like chocolate?” as if there is something wrong with them.
    As for you folk who don’t like peanut butter, just send it to my house. I can eat it with a spoon. =)

  27. There’s a simple reason why I don’t like chocolate. It’s horrible.

  28. Reblogged this on In the Dark and commented:
    I was beginning to think I’m the only person in the Universe who doesn’t like chocolate, so I’m grateful to this blogger for showing me I’m not alone!

    Yesterday Cadbury were “promoting” their hideous cream eggs on Twitter. These are particularly vile: sickly sugar-soaked globules of a mixture of pus and mucus, encased in solidified baby poo. Eat one and puke.

    I don’t like them, you see

  29. I’m another one who doesn’t like chocolate–never have. It sounds like you might be a supertaster:

  30. That is so interesting! I had never heard of supertasters before, but aside from brussels sprouts, olives, cabbage, which I love, everything on that list of potential identifying foods are the things that turn my tongue. I often say, the blander the better, and now I have an idea why! Thanks for the info. =)

  31. i hate chocolate i wouldnt eat it for a million dollars

  32. Digs eat their own feces but cannot eat chocolate without dying. What does that say about chocolate? I think those swiss researchers are the weird ones. Nit us. I do not like chocolate most of the time, so I feel ya girl! It reminds me of coffee in a way, which I don’t like either. They are both bitter and strong. Pure chocolate is revolting and most cannot eat it, even chocolate lovers. I think on average for a family if five people about 2 out of five will hate chocolate. That’s been my experience. White chocolate is usually not the problem. It’s the cocoa that is so bitter I guess. I think people that need to eat chocolate to feel good are the ones missing something. Or else they wouldn’t need chocolate.

  33. I have never really cared for chocolate either. Was worse when I was in culinary school. Pastries was taught by a French master pastry chef. Chocolate went into everything.

  34. Jon, did you have to eat everything you cooked in pastry school?

  35. I don’t like chocolate either. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I’ve had very similar ones. Chocolate-haters unite!

  36. All for one and none for Three Musketeers!

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