Author Krista Tibbs

Financial Security or Freedom ?

In Commentary, Integrity & Freedom on February 7, 2010 at 2:15 am

I was reading The Creed Room, and on the subject of poverty came this question: “Assume you don’t know where you’ll be born or how rich you’ll be. Would you be prepared to give up the chance to live like a king for the security of knowing you won’t live like a dog?”

The author immediately says, “Merely to ask this question is to answer it.” Yet there are instances throughout history when reasonable people have answered No.

Living like a dog is having to scrounge for the basics of food and shelter. Living like a king is never having to worry about the basics, and it is about being the ruler of your own life. It is, essentially, the ultimate freedom.

There are people who would not trade the chance at freedom for even the most basic security.

Imagine you were a slave who was never mistreated, had 3 meals a day and a roof over your head, were given medical care, and were able to be with your family and gather with your community on your day off every Sunday. If someone told you that you could either remain a slave for the rest of your live or be free, which also meant taking the chance that your life could get truly worse, which would you choose?

The passengers on the Mayflower risked a dog’s life or even death, and some were on board just for the chance at great wealth.

Every day there are people who experience financial ruin and exchange the roofs over their heads for the dream of wealth or freedom. They’re called starving artists. They’re called political refugees. They’re called entrepreneurs.

These risk-takers make the case that for some people, there are fates worse than poverty.

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