Author Krista Tibbs

Fiction: A Ride on the Wind

In Original Fiction, Spirit on November 18, 2012 at 12:17 pm

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Once I took a ride on the wind, to the Beyond. I go there often in my afternoon dreams. So far away that even the animals don’t know me; I am just another tree moving with the breeze.

There is a clear, cold stream, with rocks and no fear–of spiders or snakes or bears or of social settings or expectations–just experience. Cool, fresh experience and an exploration of what’s inside.

Smells are only sweet in the Beyond. Not the fake sweet of the freshman summer, not the planted sweet of Grampy’s roses, but just clean.

Potential means something different here. It sounds like a color: the deep potential blue of the mountain tops. It speaks of size: the potential of trees. It is the sound the wind makes: potential. Beyond cleans the meaning back to when the whole world ahead was exciting and full of shivers.

There is no dread sense of living up, no suggestion of being less or below, no dark holes that can swallow, because the Beyond is above it all, where only the wind can go. It is a mountain top, but not for falling. It is words, but nothing dark, only sunshine after rain.

The wind stirs up again and carries me back to my life. But I do not dread, because the experience is multiplied by the sharing. So I bring back some of the sweet inside.

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