Author Krista Tibbs

Don’t be the New Coke

In Politics & Government on October 20, 2016 at 8:30 am

coolerRemember 20 years ago when Pepsi did that taste test and beat Coke? And remember how Coke panicked: O!M!G! We HAVE to abandon EVERYTHING because we taste AWFUL. Then came the New Coke — the colossal failure of the decade, hated by millions.

Why did this happen? Because Coke let Pepsi frame the issue. For months the only thing that seemed to matter was what soda tasted like in isolation, drunk from a Dixie cup on the sidewalk. Of course, what Coke eventually realized in the most expensive way possible is that context mattered more: Which one goes better with a pizza? Which one calls to mind breezy summer days on the porch with grandpa? Which one might taste vile but will leave you with a bottle that doubles as a vase and later can be sold on ebay?

As people start voting in the U.S. elections this year, I hope this history lesson comes to mind. Consider the contexts that matter to YOU, what function YOU need served, and vote accordingly. You don’t have to convince anyone else of your reasons; they will have reasons of their own. This is why voting is still done in private, despite our current culture of over-sharing.

It boils down to this: Your ingredients for making this decision are unique to you. Don’t change your formula based only on someone else’s taste test. Don’t be the New Coke.

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